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Gordon Smith's favorite harmonica.
My old man playing his harmonica at a party.
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Pictures of The Bowdish Brothers at one of Ann Arbor's favorite spots,
Johnny's Speakeasy
Above from left to right: Michael Smith, Kevin Lynch, Gordon Smith and David Cahn at Mr. Flood's Party in the early 70s. Photo by Jo Munce
Brawny roots music for your listening pleasure,

Kip, Michael and Gary raise the roof at the Yellow Barn.

The Tunes

The Bowdish Brothers put their music into bits! We've been in the studio to record some of our favorite tunes. These are the songs we recorded at The Big Sky Recording Studio in November, 2008. Feel free to download them.

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The Boats - Jay Stielstra- One of our all-time favorite songs by Michigan songwriter and playwright Jay Stielstra. I always thought he should be appointed as Michigan's Poet Laureate. This one has some great lines in it: "We dreamed of when we'd be men and work upon the boats - we ended up as stokers in the part that barely floats." Whew!

My Old Man - Michael Smith - Michael wrote this song about the night his father played with one of the early versions of the Cadillac Cowboys on an early Friday night at Mr. Flood's Party. Good pal,, Jo Munce, took a picture that night that led to the song.

Gold Watch and Chain - A.P. Carter - Another long time favorite from the Carter Family.

Bramble and the Rose - Barbara Keith - An old favorite of ours. A memorable version was done by Jim Ringer and Mary McCaslin.

Gardenia Waltz - Johnny Gimble -- Legendary fiddler wrote this tune and Kelly captures the warmth of the song as he plays some beautiful dobro.

Ride in the Country - Michael Smith - I wrote this song about driving around the countryside on a spring day enjoying the fine company of a sweetheart. There are few things more enjoyable.

Cross Over the Line - Jay Stielstra - Jay Stielstra's terrific song about "Up North" and what the difference is between here and there.

L-O-V-E - Cole Porter- Gary does a sweet rendition of the Cole Porter favorite.

Panhandle Rag Leon McAuliffe- Kelly plays some hot licks on this song by Leon McAuliffe, the steel player for Bob Wills and Texas Playboys.

Coal Tattoo - Billy Edd Wheeler- I've been singing this song for years. It is tale of loss in the industrial age. The irony is that its message rings true again today: "I stood for the union, I walked in the line, I fought against the company. I stood for the UMW of A, who's going to stand for me?" Kelly plays some captivatingly mournful dobro on this song.

Goodnight Irene - Huddie Ledbetter- We had five minutes left in the studio and we decided to let it all out with this Leadbelly favorite that we often use to end a night's playing and singing with good friends.